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As kid, I loved Christmas…let’s be honest I still do. Wake up 2 am, 2.30am through till 5am where the guardians give up and let you open your presents. The morning is fun, full of laughter and lots of paper and rubbish. The parents are enjoying a cuppa while they watch the joy on their children’s faces. Suddenly they hear the garbage truck. Lots of running around and orders being barked, resulting in missing the garbage truck. Now the household must wait at least a week before the rubbish is collected. Or a special trip to the tip.

That’s where smart city waste management systems are great! You will no longer need to run out to try and meet the garbage truck. Because this system reduces the need for garbage trucks. The smart city waste management system has a new type of bin, known as inlets. Where you put your rubbish and it will magically disappear.

Now, today it is widely accepted that what was thought of magic in the times gone past was science and technology. To explain how this waste management system works. A smart city waste management system will fill up an inlet. Once the inlet is full, the system will automatically turn on the vacuum. The vacuum will send the rubbish to the collection for the appropriate disposal.

The system can be used wherever waste is, for example at home, in businesses, in government buildings, on streets, in parks and any other place rubbish is found. Another great thing is that the system is designed to think of the environment. It has the garbage inlet plus a recycle inlet and a separate organic inlet.

This type of waste system has already been implemented in other parts of the world. Australia’s Sunshine Coast has already signed up for this system, further reading below.