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Solar Panels – A must have for your Smart Buildings

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Solar Panels the Smart choice

Solar panels have come down in price dramatically over the past few years. The public has always become more aware on the real impact of fossil fuels. Not to mention the climate warming debate heating up has brought all renewable energies into focus.

As a business it is important to look at how to use this technology to not only reduce costs. It is import to show consumers that you are socially responsible as this is now becoming a factor in their buying choices.

We are seeing business and government making solar a standard part of their design and planning activities. So if your not solar already it is something you should be considering very soon.

Cost Security

Installing solar can give you greater security and predictability of your costs. Electricity prices are know to fluctuate quite dramatically. Having solar and also a battery solution can also protect you from grid outages allowing your business to keep running when others can’t.


One of the issues is working out how to find the funds for the solar panels in the first place. There is now an industry that will put the solar panels on the roofs of businesses for free, you then pay for the electricity you use and they sell the rest back to the electricity companies that manage the grid.

Socially Respsonible

We are all looking for ways to run our businesses and still look after our environment. Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to lower your carbon foot print to help reduce carbon emissions. Consumers these days are also more likely to use a company who is socially responsible so has a economic benefit as well.

We have touched on a few areas where solar panels can be used to make a building be a asset. Making sure our buildings are designed to be smart buildings are going to be one of the most important design considerations going forward for business and governments.

Some of the other areas that is worth looking at which compliment solar power are smart lighting and converting to LED lighting. As part of our consultation we can do an audit of your buildings and out door spaces to see what technology is right for you. To book a free obligation appointment click on the free consult button at the top of this page.