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Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste management consists of all the activities required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. Incorporating the smart practices in the field of waste management is one of most crucial aspect for urban development.

Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is decisive for every city. Numerous cities faces a massive challenges in managing its enormous load of all types of waste. It is not just a public health issue, but also turning out to be a serious law and order problem as people resort to violent methods to protest waste being dumped in their backyard.

In Smart Cities, the waste management must be structured to ensure segregation happens at all costs, waste processed and recycled. A suitable management framework for such cities is suggested for common waste facilities so that these do not become new urban nightmares.

If some effective measure taken, a lots of things can be done for the growth and development of the society such as proper recycling of waste, making goods from solid waste by proper treatment, which rises employment for unemployed peoples. The participation of Private sector in this area can come with its expertise, technology, and capital for further improved and efficiently managed service.