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Everyone Loves Traffic Right?

The other day I turned a corner to find bumper to bumper traffic. I could not see the cause. I had the opportunity to do a U-turn, I did. Only to meet more bumper to bumper traffic. Talk about an unlucky day. Imagine if there was a way for me to know how long the first traffic congestion would take to clear, maybe reaching my destination sooner. There is a way, Smart Transport Systems (STS).

Smart Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems are a total approach to transport. Using the example above, the system could notify the driver of the quickest way passed both traffic issues. That is Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) on a small scale. This system is linking together all transport options including: bus, rail, truck, car, ferry, aeroplanes.

Old Public Transportation versus Current Public Transportation.

When I first caught the train from Yass to Newcastle, it involved a bus and 3 different trains. Took most of the day. And I needed never-ending paper timetables to work out how to get from A to B. Now, there is an app on your smart phone. You enter departure address and destination address. This app links in with various databases and will tell you walking and vehicle travel time, transports routes and final cost. This integration, is a stepping stone to a fully Intelligent Transport System (ITS). Check out further reading for the Western Australian smart way of traveling.

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) future

From my teens to now, I have been the nerd girl. I watch science fiction (sci-fi) shows. One of these shows includes Eureka. In an episode, they are trying to combat car accidents. The intelligent community identify that the main cause of accidents are people that just got their license. Or are repeat offenders for traffic offences. So, they implemented a driverless road. All people in these categories were the first to test out the new road. Made for great viewing. And is now becoming a reality. The driverless car. Check out further reading for future benefits of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

We have touched on a few areas where this technology can be used to make a life much easier. Making sure our roads move smoothly and less road rage.

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