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The most important question is why is Smart parking and management required? Smart Parking is one of the most adopted and fastest growing Smart City Solutions across the world and surely a paramount investment for any city. It will greatly help to transform the management of parking assets by offering the highly advanced parking solution and at the same time significantly benefited to both the users and the land owners. Smart Parking comprises the automatic parking system for online payments, vehicle parking time notifications and car searching functionalities.

It ensures the efficient and regulated use of vehicle parking and the Parking space. The vehicle is parked under management of Smart Parking that have clear terms and conditions for parking. Smart Parking involves the use of low cost yet advanced sensors, applications and real-time data that permit users to monitor available and unavailable parking spots.

The intention behind the Smart Parking is to automate, systematize and decrease time spent manually searching for the optimum parking space. The major advantages of smart parking includes Enhanced User Experience Decreased Management Costs, Reduce time waste in searching parking space manually, reduce pollution & Traffic, increased safety and Real time data insights.