Smart City
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Smart Metering

A smart city uses Digital Smart metering technology to improve the performance of the various resources to enhance the overall productivity and well-being of the city.

Smart meter is an electronic measurement device (for electricity, gas or water) to maintain a two-way communication between the consumer and the utility. Hence, smart metering is used to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of the entire electrical system.

It facilitate the real-time pricing, automated recording of the electricity consumption and a complete eradication of errors due to manual readings and reduce labor cost and enable instant fault detection.

Smart metering permits using energy more efficiently and targeted control of consumption. Digital smart meters and the associated communication gateways enable the collection, processing and data-link transfer of electricity consumption levels in new quality and virtually in real time.

Eventually, Smart metering helps to make city smarter as it enable the wider adoption of distributed and renewable energy generation, which will allows economically rational pricing and incentives for both consumers and utilities.