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The Smart use of LED lighting

Led lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry. They generate a lot less heat, they use a lot less energy and very durable. We have seen them being used in everything from lighting to art to dance floors. As a business using LED’s is a no brainer it is just a matter of what you will use them for.

One of the easy decisions is using them to reduce your energy consumption as lighting in any business can be a major cost. Using LED’s and combining them with smart lighting concepts and make sure they are only on when you need them. When they are on they use only a fraction of the energy of traditional lights.



Smart Lighting

Smart lighting features can give you the ability to report on current usage. You can control the lights remotely to turn them on or off. They can be connected to other systems such as motion sensors to only turn on when people are in the area. The lights can even be used in digital art displays to really give your area some personality.

LED Versatility

Want to change the color of your walls depending on your mood. Led’s can be used in this manner. This is great if your a creative business and want your building to also reflect your personality.

Have no windows in your office space? Led lighting can be used to create a virtual sky, giving workers a sense of being outside. After all a happy worker is a more efficient worker so win win.

What to Consider

LED’s use Lumens not watts so be careful when comparing them with incandescent. Colors depending on the environment your using them in depends on the colour of the LED’s you need. The price upfront is usually more so take that into consideration and look at the big picture of the cost over time.

We have touched on a few areas where LED’s can be used to make a building smarter and your life much easier. Making sure our buildings are designed to make best use of these technology’s are going to be one of the most important design considerations going forward.

Some of the other areas that is worth looking at is solar power for buildings, smart art, smart metering and smart parks all these area’s work well with LED lighting. As part of our consultation we can do an audit of your buildings and out door spaces to see what technology is right for you. To book a free obligation appointment click on the free consult button at the top of this page.