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Smart Furniture

Furniture is a tangible thing that we use to lean on. Like a table and chair. It has no intelligence, it is what it is. What if it could do something more? Instead of a bench just being somewhere to sit, you could charge your phone. Considering most of the population now has a mobile device public charging stations are needed. Sometimes though, we just need somewhere to sit. What if the community could make somewhere? This is where Smart Furniture finds it home.

Smart Furniture is the connecting of the physical with the digital. Take the park bench. Smart Furniture can incorporate a charging station. This can be done by using solar power. The use of solar power is great because there is minimal cost and it is a renewable source of power.

And if your community is demanding more places to sit but you don’t have the manpower. Let’s use the community. Smart Furniture also has Maker Space. In Maker Space, the community 3D prints the furniture then connects the pieces. Making a chair or table. Which can lead to pop up cities, check Design Urbanism.

Now that we have somewhere to sit. Or a place to sit and charge our electronic devices we need a reason to be there. I know when I’m out walking, a nice plant or tree makes me stop and look. So, let’s plant some more. Our world needs as many plants as possible. But maintaining them can be problematic. That’s where Smart Furniture has Smart Planters. The Smart Planters monitor the plants environment. And if it is too dry, adds water. If it is lacking in nutrients it adds food. By adding these items, the Smart Furniture notifies the workers of the need. Smart Furniture is there to help the workers.