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Oh those good ol’ days!

Ever watched Downton Abbey? Those old cars are a thing of beauty. And when the whole family goes away in a convoy, wow! Imagine how they managed that fleet of cars! No doubt in a handwritten journal. While I love the look of those cars, I am thankful for today’s technology. Why? Because now computers can report back! Let’s find out more about smart fleet management.

Smart fleet management is linking together systems. The systems are linked to improve fleet management. Some reasons for linking include:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Safety and security
  • Route planning

Vehicle Maintenance

In the past, vehicle maintenance was done when either the fleet manager or driver noticed the car was due for a service. Or the car broke down. Smart fleet management can track what kilometers the vehicle has done or the time between services. The system can then notify the smart fleet management area to ensure the vehicle is serviced. The in-built car sensors can also notify of any possible areas needing attention. These are just a couple of examples, check out the case study for the further information.

Safety and Security

Smart fleet management has a great feature. The ability to know where the vehicle is. By knowing where the vehicle is, if it is stolen it can be located. Also, knowing the vehicles location and time on road without stops, helps managers guide employee behaviours. Making for a safer worker environment.

Route Planning

This links in with the vehicles ability of knowing where it is. The vehicle computer can map out the best route, that will save time and avoid any recorded incidents. For example, if there is a major traffic accident. The vehicle computer will re-direct the driver to a faster route, where possible. This function is particularly useful for the emergency services. Check further reading on predictions made for emergency services.

We have touched on a few areas where this technology can be used to make a life much easier. Making sure the cars under your management are well looked after and your customers are safe.

As part of our consultation we can do an audit of your fleet see what technology is right for you. To book a free obligation appointment click on the free consult button at the top of this page.