Smart City

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy management is the preeminent way out for direct and immediate reduction of energy utilization. As a result of continued urbanization, the world is changing, and cities are playing an ever-greater role as the new “units of change”. Technologies that are widely available and affordable today can significantly impact urban energy management.

Energy Management, which is the effective management of energy production, distribution and consumption, is one of the big challenges that need intelligent solutions & optimal management of resources for high quality life of Smart City’s populace. Smart Cities necessitate encompassing the energy management centers to offer better services to the city. It should be the part of infrastructure of the city to reduce the environmental load on consumers and society.

The main objectives of energy management are –

  • Managing and reducing energy consumption
  • Reduce risk of risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortages,
  • Resource conservation,
  • Environment protection from carbon emissions and
  • Reduces energy costs and improves profitability