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Wayfinding – The Next Step

For those people like me, wayfinding is a new term. Basically, it is finding your way around, with the use of technology. So, growing up in a country town I looked forward to visiting the big bad city…Canberra. For those that do not know, Canberra has lots of roundabouts. I remember, my eldest sister in the front seat, I never fought for that seat on a trip to Canberra. Because whoever was in the front had to navigate. That involved an origami like map and trying to work out which roundabout was where. Usually ended up with stressed front seat people, and scared back seat passengers. We eventually got there, but there was a lot stopping, checking, starting and turning around.

Use in Smart Cities

Wayfinding would take that stressful situation and remove it. Why would it remove it? Because it uses technology to guide people. It does this by offering much better signage and making it interactive. The interactive component is great. Because you can get the information you need, without misinterpretation. A small-scale example of is your local shopping centre. Instead of having a static map and you need to work out the point you need to get to, some shopping centres have touchscreens where you can touch the shop you want. It will be then give you a line to follow to get there.

Large Scale Usage

Large scale usage will generally only be used in large cities. There is a cost versus reward that needs to be considered. As the main use is finding your way around. It is not surprising that transportation is one of the areas that will use it the most. An example would include, giving directions on how to get around hospital and university campuses so traffic moves more freely. Wayfinding may use maps on phones to provide an interactive way to get around. Check out further reading for more examples.


Tourists get lost easily. Whether they are domestic or international travelers. Whenever you are somewhere you have never been before, you can get lost. Or even if you have been there before. Having better signage, and changing signage helps people get around. Check out further reading on wayfinding for tourists.

We have touched on a few areas where this technology can be used to make life much easier. Making sure we can get around our cities with ease.

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