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A cousin of mine recently started doing a Bachelor of Arts degree. She received a lot of negative feedback. Why? Because art can be considered wasteful. What does art really bring? Why do we need art? In researching this article, I was bombarded with many reasons why we need art. Art is the foundation in which we start our inspirations. Art is the creation of our physical things like our infrastructure. Just a few years ago, I took my first overseas trip. The buildings were beautiful and practical. We slept in one, ate food in another and enjoyed an evening at the theatre. Without art, these buildings would not exist.

How is this related to Smart Cities? Well, Smart Cities are based on Internet of Things (IoT). Things being the operative word, a physical item. This physical item needs to be inspired and created. Some items will be designed with a focus on practical. Others on artistic appeal, like paintings. Either way, art plays a part.

This is where Smart Art comes in. Smart Art can be used to create architecture. This architecture can be used to bring together people. This could be a tourism draw, like my holiday, or for work. I know I enjoy working in an environment that is visually appealing, over a dull room.

Smart Art can also be used as a means of communication. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Art has been used for thousands of years to tell stories. Indigenous people have been placing art in ceremonial locations for generations. These art pieces are used to tell the story of the land. Smart Art can now take this application and implement it into the digital world. Artists have been known to provide digital stimulations of the hidden part of the infrastructure. Check out further reading.

Finally, Smart Art can be used to generate power. Much like a tree converts carbon dioxide into oxygen, we can now create solar trees. These solar trees take the power from the sun and converts it into energy. Smart Art is us learning from the world to make the world a better place.


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