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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance involving periodic monitoring and diagnosis of equipments in order to forecast component degradations so that planned or per the need, maintenance can be executed prior to equipment failure.

Optimizing the use of resources is a smart way to competently design your maintenance measures and to ensure the maximum availability of machines while at the same time minimizing material consumption for maintenance and repairs.

The foremost benefits of Predictive Maintenance for Smart City Missions are –

  1. Smart Monitoring & diagnostics of key Components of Machinery
  2. Minimize downtimes & add to the equipment performance
  3. Cut maintenance costs significantly, save money & amplify machinery life
  4. Increase Revenue, Enhance productivity & Capacity Stability
  5. Detecting machine faults early on drives efficiency in your maintenance process

With the help of more sophisticated sensors and big data analyses, damage to machines and devices can be predicted before they lead to downtime. Predictive maintenance should be implemented on Smart city infrastructure to optimize costs and enhance quality of life.