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Kid Safety – How Smart Cities are looking at Preventing Drownings

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Australia and our love of the Water

Every weekend you can see thousands of people down by the beach enjoying themselves. Making the most of our pools and cooling of in lakes and rivers around the country.

Tragically this love of the water comes with risks. Kid safety and pools has some along way with laws being passed for mandatory fencing and new technology coming out everyday that helps in preventing downing events.

Facts about Drownings

There were 280 drownings in 2016 reported by the ROYAL LIFE SAVING NATIONAL DROWNING REPORT 2016 and is an area that Smart cities take very serious.

Wearable Swim Safety

One of the technologies that are making pools safer are wearable products. These come in bracelets, ankle devices and head gear. These usually rely detecting that someone is at a certain depth for a period of time and send out an alarm.

Camera Based Systems

There are also systems for commercial use that use camera’s and complicated video analytic’s to determine if someone is drowning.

Educating people about water safety is something cities are now doing as part of their Safe City initiatives. Also doing reviews on how the public spaces are being used and seeing how technology can assist their employees such as life savers is great to see.

After all people make mistakes so making sure the appropriate systems are in place to limit the risk to the public makes sense. If this is an area that your interested in we can come and have a chat to see what technology is appropriate. We then can put a project together with people that are the best of breed in their area and tailor a system for you.

We will also look at your existing systems to see where we can utilize what is already in place. Taking the alerts and data from the news systems and feeding them into your existing reporting and monitoring process to make sure you have a integrated view of your city.

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