Smart City
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Why are Digital Citizen Services Important?

In today’s world being able to go online has become a necessity with a lot of companies and even governments choosing to do a majority of their business over the internet. Most of us pay our bills, do our banking and even catch up with friends online now. What would we do without face book? What did we do without smart phones? These days we can even watch the sport on our devices. Going forward this is going to get even more complicated and the amount of information available will be mind blowing. This is why getting the communication right through digital citizen services is critical.

Smart Cities and Digital Citizen Services

Smart Cities consist of many things connected providing data to each other as well as people. For citizens in a smart city to take advantage of this they need to be able to interact with the technology around them. It is important that the companies and governments operating within the smart city have a strategy to educate the citizens. it is also important that they communicate effectively on what digital citizen services are available.


The government and companies within the city have data that can also be used to make smarter decisions around city planning,. build digital citizen services for better community engagement, as well as mass notification systems.


One of the major advantages of a digital citizen service to government’s is they can create a single point of contact for people. This allows agencies to break down organizational and process silos to better meet the needs of the citizen. With the maturing of the smart city concept we will see this continue so that digital citizen services provide a real one stop shop to people.


The best digital citizen service programs give citizens what they want. The more governments understand the needs of the people in the city the more relevant their digital programs will be. This means the interaction between citizens and governments will be more natural leading to better community engagement. Leading on to better decisions being made within the city.