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CCTV and Video Analytics

Gone are the days of dumb camera’s which required someone to be sitting there staring at them to get real value. Gone are the days of them only being useful after the event to see what happened.

Combing the camera feed with powerful software that can determine what action to take and who to alert will take your business to the next level. Imagine if you can be notified as soon as a know person of interest walks into your shop.

Wouldn’t it be great to display the right add to the right person when they are looking at your displays? This is now all possible with current technology.

Smart Alerting

Smart software now can determine what is happening in the video and take appropriate actions. If the person in the picture is known to have a history of being up to no go then an alert can be sent to the security company. Combine the picture with some audio analysis and if screams are heard get the software to follow the movement through the different cameras. All at the same time notifying the police of a potential incident.

Smart Marketing

You may have a lot of different product lines in your shop. Imagine if when someone looks at your screens that you can tell their age and gender. You can change your ad’s to better suit what they are most likely to be interested in. Maybe they are a regular customer so when they walk into the shop you can welcome them on the screens or have an alert pop up on your phone.

Reduce False Alerts

Combine your CCTV and other technologies to reduce the amount of false alerts. Set up smart decision flows so it only alerts if it gets 2 or 3 triggers to confirm the event. For instance the door sensor goes off yet the motion sensor does not. You could send a warning alert to the security company who can then look at the cctv feed to confirm if an intruder is on premises. If the door sensor and the motion sensor goes off then you send a dispatch message to the nearest car as well as a alert to the control center so they can look at the cctv feeds.

We have touched on a few areas where CCTV can be used in conjunction with other technologies to make more intelligent decisions and to reduce cost by false alerts.

Some of the other areas that compliment CCTV are smart sensors, video analytic and safe city projects. As part of our consultation we can do an audit of your business to see what technology is right for you. To book a free obligation appointment click on the free consult button at the top of this page.